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Crafting a More Enjoyable Painting Experience.


Partnership with Behr


UX/UI Design


Partnership collaboration with 1 designer


2020 | 8 weeks


Working with research and insights gathered from a group of students working with BEHR, the goal of this project was to create a more intuitive and user-friendly painting experience through the redesign of the BEHR mobile application.


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My Process

Research & Discovery
Define & Synthesize
Ideate & Validate
Design & Refine
Research & Discovery

What are the challenges and unmet needs for users who paint?

We partnered with an external research team who collected qualitative research data through both primary and secondary research methods. 

Raw data from the research team was then presented to our design team for analysis and synthesis. 

Research Methods:

    Qualitative 1-on-1 Interviews

    In-Home Observations

    Secondary Desk Research

Addressing the Gaps

While the needs-based qualitative research was thorough and insightful, we felt we were still missing a solid understanding of current solutions on the market to address home painting challenges.

We conducted a competitive analysis of existing digital and physical solutions, focusing on features and functionality of leading paint brand mobile applications. 

Define & Synthesize

Where in the journey are the biggest pain points & how can we address them?

Journey Mapping

Understanding user emotions  associated with painting-related tasks.


Understanding the Workflow

What are the chronological steps a user takes throughout a painting process? By mapping out the step-by-step workflow, we were able to pin point where key decision moments and pain points happen throughout the journey.


Defining Key Needs

Based on analysis of the home painting experience, we identified 3 opportunity areas to directly address challenges and pain points users are experiencing:


Why an App?

While we explored physical solutions as well, we ultimately decided that a mobile-focused app would be best suited to address the opportunities outlined above. Users working on painting projects are constantly on the move, and need a guide through various phases of the process.

Because Behr already has an app infrastructure in place, building upon an existing platform would have the opportunity to create more impact with a lower initial lift.

Ideate & Validate

Translating Ideas & Opportunities into Concepts

Concept Ideation

Initial concept generation for UI design based on four major identified steps in workflow process.


Concept Refinement

We established 3 overall design directions to uniquely address user needs. 

behr_3concepts (1).png

Which Direction?

A scoring matrix was used in order to quantitatively compare the three proposed concepts. Selection criteria was chosen based on established user needs extracted from research.

Design & Refine

Designing a Compelling & Project-Inspiring Interface

User Interface Overview

This UI kit was designed to be engaging and creatively inspiring while maintaining a clean simplicity for users.


Feature Breakdowns


Key Takeaways...

The Outcome

Overall, this app concept addressed the major challenges users face when it comes to tackling a home painting project.  

By positioning the Behr app as a personalized guide throughout the entire process, we were able to incorporate key features including inspiration saving, tools for color selection, and supply estimators.  

The customized setup during login allowed for a tailored app experience for each individual user based on unique experience levels and goals.


What I Might Do Differently...

A few things that I learned from this project or would keep in mind for the next time around...

    Establish more defined user personas early in research synthesis to identify groupings of user motivations and goals.

    Test design concepts with end users to get feedback before moving forward with refinement.

    Develop a clear information architecture and workflow of final concept.

    Create mockup prototypes to develop interactions and test functionality of the concept.

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