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About Me

Hi! I'm Jane.

I'm a designer and strategist who loves tackling challenges head-on. My journey began in industrial design and mechanical engineering, providing a robust problem-solving foundation for my current focus on UX design. Since then, I have taken on a multitude of design disciplines, including industrial design, UX/UI design, visual design, human-centered research & more.


Across my portfolio you'll find a wide range of projects across medical, consumer and industrial sectors. Working across different industries and disciplines has shifted my approach to understanding design challenges and shaped my ability to think more holistically about the bigger picture and the overall impact for the end user. ​


What motivates me most is the overarching goal of enhancing human experiences through design. I'm intrigued by the ways in which thoughtful design can address challenges, uncover opportunities, and spark joy through solutions grounded in user insights.




Sep 2023 - Present

UX Designer & Strategist

Stratos Innovation Group

Chicago, IL

Specializing in early-stage innovation strategy consulting for large healthcare/pharmaceutical client. Currently collaborating on two specific projects, including:

  • Utilizing design research skills to discover unmet needs and jobs to be done for children with diabetes

  • Leading UX/UI design initiative to develop a client’s website in order to enhance and guide their internal design process

Aug 2021 - May 2023

Designer + Strategist

Beyond Design, Inc.

Chicago, IL

Responsible for end-to-end product development consulting, including conducting ethnographic research, developing brand strategies, and designing compelling interfaces, experiences and products for end users. Guiding B2B and B2C clients within consumer, medical, and industrial sectors by leading research and UI/UX initiatives and translating insights into successful solutions that meet stakeholder and end user needs.


Industrial Design Intern

Continental, Inc.

Valparaiso, IN


Marketing Manager

Irish Gardens

South Bend, IN


COVID-19 Operations Project Lead

All Hands & Hearts

Mattapoisett, MA


Graphic Designer


First industrial design intern at Custom Crimp, Inc., a subsidiary of Continental Tire. Collaborated with marketing and engineering teams to redesign product line consisting of numerous industrial crimper machines. Conducted stakeholder interviews & research, identified opportunities for ergonomic improvement, and explored functional & aesthetic design concepts with a new established brand identity.

Managed and directed all promotional events for campus floral shop, including developing new campaigns, designing brand graphics, overseeing social media outreach, and negotiating with campus partners and vendors to promote business and extend publicity.

Led a COVID-19 emergency response team for an international non-profit natural disaster relief organization. Conducted extensive research in order to establish a new framework for volunteer programs to safely resume operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally created compelling visual designs to promote operational standards and encourage proper safety practices for volunteers.

Completed a variety of freelance graphic design work for various clubs and organizations on Notre Dame’s campus. Additionally, worked with a client to generate content for a wedding event, including logos, invitations, signage, and programming layouts.



B.S. Mechanical Engineering

B.A. Industrial Design

University of Notre Dame

South Bend, IN

Graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame, where I completed a 5 year dual-degree program majoring in both mechanical engineering and industrial design. Worked on numerous cross-disciplinary projects collaborating with peers from both design and engineering backgrounds, as well as leading a team of students for the Design for America club. 

Honors & Awards

March 2021

Industrial Designer Society of America (IDSA) Student Merit Award Finalist

University of Notre Dame

Selected as the 2021 University of Notre Dame representative for the Industrial Designers Society of America Student Merit Award.

Jan 2020

Student Design Competition Honorable Mention Award

International Housewares Association

Chicago, IL

Received an Honorable Mention Recognition for the 2020 International Housewares Association Student Design Competition. Designed a TPAK Camping Hygiene and Waste Disposal device for campers and backpackers. 

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