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A Mobile App For Learning Core Boxing Skills From Home.


Emerging startup for boxing & fitness


UI Design


Sole UX/UI designer


12 weeks



During the pandemic, two professional boxing instructors were struggling to keep their training gyms open and looking for ways to adapt to an at-home culture. They approached our design team with a concept for a fitness program pairing both a digital app solution and a physical device to help users learn core boxing skills from the comfort of their home.


As the concept was still in its early stages, the goal was to work with the entrepreneurs to develop high fidelity mockups of both the app and physical solution to present to early investors.


An established interface theme aligned with both the physical boxing product and the entrepreneurs' vision. Focusing on 6 main features of the app, I developed content hierarchy and interface designs for several prominent screens of the app.


My Process

Due to the nature of this project in creating a concept vision for early investors, I focused on concept development and refinement within the constraints of specific app features identified by the client. 

Define & Synthesize
Ideate & Validate
Design & Refine
Define & Synthesize

Identifying a client's vision (when they can't quite articulate it) 

Gathering Context & Inspiration

Our client knew that they had some ideas in mind for how they wanted the digital solution to look, but were having a bit of trouble communicating exactly what they wanted.

Through market research and moodboard development, I used visuals to create a productive conversation and hone in on a theme and visual direction for the app.

Leading Home Fitness Products
Health & Fitness Apps
Data Visualization Inspiration

Establishing Theme Direction

 I developed 4 theme options for visual direction based on client's direction & industry-specific trends.

Selected Theme

The client selected 'Dark & Edgy' Theme 1, with incorporation of some of the more "old-school" elements of Theme 2. This combination emphasized the modern, athletic & high tech aspect of the product, while still giving a nod to the historic roots of boxing.

Ideate & Validate

Flushing out key features & functions

Concept Ideation

I created numerous iterations of low-fidelity screen mockups based on the 6 main app features identified by the client:

  1. "Module" (Workout Program) Selection

  2. "Module" Tracking (User Stats)

  3. Individual Workout Overview

  4. Technique Library

  5. In-Workout Guide

  6. Results & Performance Overview

Design & Refine

Developing interfaces within established theme.

Initial concept generation for UI design based on four major identified steps in workflow process.

Final Design


Key Takeaways...

The Outcome

The app concept was successful in igniting early-stage enthusiasm among investors. It integrated all client-specified features, from metric tracking to workout guidance and leaderboard options, with exploration of both the user experience and final interface design associated with each feature. Overall, the dark and edgy visual language achieved the client's goal of establishing an athletic and modern theme, while also paying homage to the more old-school or "gritty" background of boxing.

What I Might Do Differently...

With more time and resources on this project, I'd like to explore...

  1. A complete information architecture and workflow development of the mobile app

  2. Consideration of integration with the physical device 

  3. Prototyping and interactions development 

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